Wednesday, September 18

Alpine tragedy claims life of Chess Master Dr. Julius Perlis

It is with shock and profound sadness that we relay the doleful news of the death of Dr. Julius Perlis, Chess Master, Doctor of Laws, and avid mountaineer, who perished last week under tragic circumstances in the Styrian Alps.  Reports that have reached us indicate that on the morning of 10 September Dr. Perlis commenced a day's excursion on the Hochtor, traversing the mountain - as was his wont and delight - without companion or guide.  He seems to have lost his way, for as evening fell his cries for help were heard by two other tourists, who sadly proved unable to reach the stranded climber owing to the encroaching darkness and the onset of a snowstorm.  Dr. Perlis' body was at last found, as we understand it, by a rescue team two days later, on 12 September, the absence of visible injuries leading to a verdict of death by exposure.

Julius Perlis was born in 1880 in Bialystok, but when still quite young migrated to Vienna with the purpose of studying law.  He earned the Master title at Barmen in 1905, and competed with distinction in many of the great tournaments of our time, finishing 9th at Ostend, 1906; 7th at St. Petersburg, 1909; 13th at Karlsbad, 1911; and 5th at San Sebastian, 1912, perhaps his best result on the world stage.  At his most recent tournament, the Vienna Chess Club Jubilee event held earlier this year, Dr. Perlis took 5th place in a field of 8.  

Such bare accounting, however, understates his true strength, for the deceased was a feared opponent, capable of defeating any of the world's top players, as the selection of games appended below will amply demonstrate.  A great and growing talent has been taken from us far too soon; let us honor his memory by seeing to it that the best of his achievements are long preserved, in keeping with the motto: Non omnis moriar.

Here Perlis defeats Spielmann en route to earning the Master title.


The following game was awarded the brilliancy prize.


A sound thrashing of Dr. Tartakower.

Our records show that in five games vs. Marshall Dr. Perlis scored three wins and two draws.  Here is his prettiest victory:

An attractive defeat of Reti:

The only encounter between Perlis and Alekhine, won by the former.

To conclude, a defeat of Duras from last year's tourney at San Sebastian.

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