Sunday, September 22

Duras-Kupchik match: Kupchik takes final game; Duras wins series 2-1

Abraham Kupchik defeated Oldrich Duras in 51 moves to take the final game of their three-game match at the Café Monopol.  Duras, who had already assured himself of overall victory in the series by winning the first two games, opened the third contest in aggressive style, employing the King's Gambit.  Kupchik in reply selected the Falkbeer Counter-Gambit, 2...d5, presaging a spirited struggle.  Black soon obtained an excellent, perhaps even superior, game, leading expert analysts to search for the point where the Czech Master may have begun to go astray, with his 11.Qe1 receiving a fair share of the blame.  Kupchik at the 21st move won the exchange and thereafter displayed fine technique to secure the victory - indeed, during the final 30 moves Duras never appeared to possess even the slimmest chance of saving the contest.  For Kupchik, a narrow 2-1 defeat against a Master of world renown represents a most creditable performance; for Duras, the just-concluded series may well serve as excellent training for his five-game match vs. Marshall, set to begin in approximately one week's time.

We here present the score of the final Duras-Kupchik encounter:



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