Friday, September 6

British Chess Federation Congress: Games by the remaining Championship competitors

We present one final selection of games from the British Championship at Cheltenham.  Having previously offered our readers representative efforts by those at the top of the score table - Messrs. Yates, Mahood, Blackburne, et al. - we now turn to the event's remaining competitors.  In the first game below Mr R.P. Michell, who took seventh place with 5 points, makes short work of defeating the Dutch Defense of Mr. R.H.V. Scott.

Messrs. W.H. Gunston and D. Miller shared 8th and 9th places with 4 1/2 points.  In the following encounter the former defeats the latter in a sprightly Sicilian Defense.  White's pretty 17.Bc5 is a fine winning stroke.

We close with two victories by the aforementioned Mr. R.H.V. Scott, who finished in tenth position with 4 points to his credit.  Here Mr. Scott administers a sound thrashing to Mr. J. Mahood, runner-up to Mr. F.D. Yates for the Championship title.


In our final offering, Mr. Scott bests Mr. Miller in a hard-fought Sicilian Defense.  The possibility of the sacrifice of White's Bishop on h6 hangs over Black's head like the sword of Damocles for more than 20 moves before at last crashing down.


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