Tuesday, September 3

British Chess Federation Congress: More games from the Championship; Correction regarding Capablanca

We present a further selection of games from the British Chess Federation Congress at Cheltenham, beginning with another victory by Mr. Yates, who here recovers from a rather unfavorable opening to defeat Mr. Jacobs.

Next, we offer two victories by Mr. Mahood, who out-calculates his opponents Messrs. Hamond and Gibson on his way to a second place finish.

As reported in these pages, Mr. Blackburne captured third place in the Championship.  We have heard that the veteran adopted some uncommon debuts during the tourney.  The following game, the only one by Mr. Blackburne to have come to hand, seems to support that contention.


Look for another batch of games from the Cheltenham Congress in tomorrow's entry.


We close today with a correction.  Owing to a misunderstanding on our part, we erroneously stated last week that José R. Capablanca was en route to Europe.  In fact, the Cuban ace sailed for Havana on board the Saratoga on the 23rd ult.  He expects to remain in the Cuban capital for a few weeks, and will return from there to New York before embarking on his trans-Atlantic journey to assume his diplomatic duties.  We regret the error.  

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