Wednesday, September 4

British Chess Federation Congress: A further selection of Championship games

Continuing our presentation of games from the recent British Championship tourney held in connection with the BCF Congress at Cheltenham, we come now to Messrs. William Gibson and Herbert L. Jacobs, who shared 5th and 6th places in the event, each with 6 points to his credit from 11 games played.  (We regret that no wins by Mr. Harold Saunders, the fourth-place finisher, were included in the packet that reached us from England.  The only game involving Mr. Saunders that we received was a hard-fought loss to Mr. Gunston, which we offer at the close of this entry.  Should more of Mr. Saunders' efforts appear, we shall of course share them with our readers.)

Here Mr. Gibson adopts the rare Ponziani Opening and defeats Mr. Michell via a King-side attack featuring the sacrifice of a Bishop.


And here as well Mr. Gibson brings about victory by means of a neat Bishop sacrifice, this time at the expense of Mr. Scott.

Mr. Jacobs, who fell to Blackburne's unusual debut 1.e3 and 2.f4, uses the same weapon to vanquish Mr. Gunston.

We close today's entry with the aforementioned victory by Mr. Gunston over Mr. Saunders in a well-contested Ruy Lopez.  Mr. Saunders' 35.Ra6 would appear to be the losing move, with 35.Qg4 deserving preference.

We shall offer one last batch of games from this tourney in a very few days' time.

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