Saturday, September 7

Progressive Chess Club Quadrangular Masters' Tournament, Round 3: Duras, Marshall win again

Oldrich Duras topped Oscar Chajes to win his third game in succession, while United States Champion Frank J. Marshall bested Charles Jaffe during yesterday's third round of the Progressive Chess Club Quadrangular Masters' Tournament at the Cafe Monopol.  Duras, who has now defeated each of his three fellow competitors during the tourney's first cycle, leads the event with a score of 3-0, followed by Marshall at 2-1.  Chajes and Jaffe lag well to the rear with 1/2 point each.  The battle for first place has thus already become a two-man race at the halfway mark of the event, and the return match between Duras and Marshall, who will meet in the fourth round on the 8th inst., assumes great importance in determining the tournament's overall winner.  Another victory by Duras over his American rival would virtually assure the Bohemian Master of first prize.

Duras as White turned in a powerful performance against Chajes in a Queen's Gambit Declined, obtaining a crushing position via simple positional means as early as the 20th move.  Seldom have we seen the the potential weakness of an isolated Queen's pawn demonstrated in so effective a manner, and the reader would do well to examine closely the position after White's 20.e4 in order to convince himself of the absolutely hopeless state of Chajes' game. Duras won a piece at his 23rd turn, and, although Chajes prolonged the struggle for nearly 20 moves thereafter, the result was never in doubt.

Marshall likewise made good use of the White pieces in another Queen's Gambit Declined vs. Jaffe, allowing his d-pawn to be captured at the 22nd move but having in ready the pretty riposte 23.Ba6!, which wins material owing to the threat of 24.Nc6.  Marshall emerged from the skirmish with an extra exchange, and in the subsequent play experienced little difficulty in securing the victory.


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