Monday, September 30

Kostic in South America: Queen sacrifice

We have learned that Serbian Master Boris Kostic is presently in South America, where he recently completed an engagement at the Buenos Aires Chess Club, thereby adding his name to those of Lasker and Capablanca among famous chess visitors to that far-off locale.  Kostic contested short matches and individual games against many top Argentine experts and gave several exhibitions of simultaneous play, including one blindfold performance against ten opponents, on that occasion winning six games and drawing two others.  We append a match game in which the peripatetic Master defeated Sr. Roland Illa, Champion of Buenos Aires and erstwhile opponent of both Dr. Lasker and Capablanca during their respective sojourns in the Argentine.  The contest below will prove a feast for analysts, as Kostic bravely sacrifices his Queen for two minor pieces and only reaps the rewards of his enterprising play many moves thereafter.  Fortuna fortes adjuvat.


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