Monday, September 23

More games from the Western Championship

As promised, we present a second selection of fine games from the recently-concluded Western Championship.  To begin, we offer another victory by Mr. B.B. Jefferson, the new Western Champion, who here convincingly defeats 1907 Champion Einar Michelsen.

Mr. Robert Scrivener, who shared 5th and 6th places with Mr. Michelsen, dealt Mr. Jefferson one of only two defeats the tourney winner suffered during the 17-round event.

As previously reported, Mr. Edward P. Elliott, last year's Champion, shared 2nd-3rd places with Mr. J.S. Morrison of Toronto, one half-point behind Mr. Jefferson.  Here Mr. Elliott adopts the Center Counter Game to defeat Mr. John T. Beckner.


We regret that the only game by Mr. Morrison to have come to hand is his loss to Mr. Winter, who took ninth place.  Still, the contest below represents an excellent performance by the winner, and should not be overlooked.

Eighth place was claimed by Mr. Herman Hahlbohm, who here defeats Mr. Michelsen in a fine heavy-piece endgame, chasing the Black King across the board and delivering checkmate at the finish.

Finally, Mr. Beckner, who finished in the middle of the pack with a score of 9-8, produced two of tourney's finest attacking games. One, vs. Mr. Hahlbohm, has already appeared in these pages. With the other, a victory over Mr. Winter, we close our report on this event.

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