Friday, September 27

Bohemian Championship: Games from the Hauptturnier

We close our reporting of the Bohemian Championship by presenting several games from the Hauptturnier run concurrently with the principal event.  As noted in an earlier item, first prize and entry into the ranks of the Masters was won by Karel Opocensky with 11 1/2 points from 15 games.  Opocensky's brightest victory from the tourney, a likely future anthology piece, has already appeared in this space.  Here we present another of his triumphs.


The game between Opocensky and second prize winner Metodej Gargulak resulted in a draw after a most colorful and spirited struggle.

Gargulak produced some fine chess of his own during the course of the tournament.  Here he out-calculates K. Meissner in a sharp tactical battle.

In the following contest Gargulak bests V. Kornia, unleashing an attack that loses none of its potency even after the exchange of Queens.

M. Hajn defeated the tourney winner in a rollicking game.

We close with a brilliant piece of play, the game R. Stoklaska - O. Sundstrom, in which White first sacrifices a Bishop for a strong attack and later concludes matters with the offer of a Rook to force checkmate.  Some may consider White's final move rather obvious; we nevertheless find it most attractive.

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