Saturday, February 8

Kupchik is new Manhattan Chess Club Champion

Abraham Kupchik is the new Champion of the Manhattan Chess Club, having captured first place in this year's Championship tourney by winning his first nine games in succession en route to an undefeated 10-1 score. Finishing behind Kupchik in joint 2nd-3rd place were defending Champion Magnus Smith and Jacob Rosenthal, each with a tally of 8 1/2 - 2 1/2. Other contenders, among them F.P. Beynon, Otto Roething, and Dr. George F. Adair, lagged well behind the leading trio. The Russian-born Kupchik becomes at 21 years of age the youngest titleholder in the history of the Manhattan Club, an accomplishment that doubtless presages many more successes in the years to come, and we felicitate him on his fine achievement.

Appended are two victories recorded by the new Champion during the course of the tournament. Here Dr. Adair fights to hold his own against the young Master, first sacrificing a pawn and later offering the exchange in an effort to maintain the balance. White's struggles, however, come to a quick end after a blunder at the 38th move allows mate in three.


In our other featured game of the day Rosenthal never recovers from the pretty blow 16...Nxg2!

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