Tuesday, October 1

Marshall-Duras match: Marshall wins again, takes 2-0 lead

United States Champion Frank J. Marshall defeated Oldrich Duras in the second game of their match at the Manhattan Chess Club to take a 2-0 lead in the five-game series.  Marshall, playing Black, declined the Queen's Gambit offered by the Bohemian ace, with the game remaining in relative balance through the first two dozen moves, by which time a double Rook endgame had arisen on the board.  Duras thereupon advanced his pawns on the Queen-side, seeking to establish an advantage in that sector, while the American proceeded in similar fashion on the King-side.  At his 33rd turn Duras disdained the capture of a Black pawn on e3, thinking to do so at his leisure afterward, thus leaving Black in temporary possession of a material advantage.  For the next several moves Marshall set obstacles in the path of his adversary, forestalling the recapture of the pawn, while Duras worked to so arrange his forces as to make that recapture feasible.  At the 39th move Duras, considering the time ripe for action, at last played 39.Rxe3, only to be surprised by the counter prepared by Marshall, 39...c5!, an ingenious stroke that forced the creation of two connected passed pawns for the second player.  Marshall, displaying his usual endgame prowess, duly drove home the advantage thus gained, scoring the game to his credit at the 54th move.  With this victory the American becomes the odds-on favorite to win the short series, whose third game will be played tomorrow at the Manhattan Club.

We herewith append the game score.

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