Friday, November 15

World Champion on tour: Dr. Lasker continues his travels

From various reports we gather that Dr. Lasker, the World Champion, continues his exhibition tour with great success.  Word comes of performances during the last three weeks at Innsbruck (22 victories, 2 draws, one loss), Salzburg (where the Champion made an identical score), Regensburg (undefeated, with 22 victories and three draws), and Barmen (21 victories and three draws, against two defeats), the foregoing representing only a partial list of the Doctor's many stops.  

At Mannheim on the 2nd of this month Dr. Lasker met with the stiffest resistance of his tour to date, finding himself forced to yield six drawn games and concede defeat in four others against a field of 25 players.  It is from the Mannheim exhibition that we take the following game, one of the victories scored against the Champion. White's surprising final move recalled to our mind a somewhat similar conclusion effected by Dr. Lasker in an exhibition game played at Lyons toward the very end of last year.   

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