Saturday, November 9

Rolando Illa defeats Julio Lynch for Championship of Argentine Chess Club

From Buenos Aires we learn that in a match for the Championship of the Club Argentino de Ajedrez between Señores Rolando Illa and Julio Lynch, the former emerged victorious by the score of three wins to one, with one game drawn.  Señor Illa, born in New York in 1880, acquired Argentine citizenship several years ago and is perhaps the leading player in all of South America, if one discounts the temporary presence there of Kostic.  He previously held the Club Championship - the de facto national title - in 1910, and has faced not only Kostic, but also Capablanca and Dr. Lasker on their respective visits to Buenos Aires, an honor many players residing in Europe and North America surely wish they could boast of.

We have received one game from the match, a victory by the new Champion, and we present it below.


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