Monday, November 18

Capablanca in Berlin: Visiting Master checkmates Mieses in 27 moves

José R. Capablanca scored yet another triumph yesterday when he checkmated Jacques Mieses on the 27th move to take the opening contest of their scheduled two-game exhibition match at Berlin's Café Kerkau. Capablanca overcame his veteran opponent with relative ease, the game being distinguished by the lucid play that has become his hallmark, and further brightened by the possibility of several attractive combinations, which the reader will find indicated in the notes.

Capablanca opened the contest with the Queen's pawn, against which Mieses selected the rather unusual defense 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 c5 3.d5 d6.  Expert opinion considered Black's move 11...Bxc3 of doubtful value, as after the disappearance of the Bishop the dark squares in the vicinity of the Black King became susceptible to invasion by the White pieces. A glance at the position after 21.Rxe7 will demonstrate that this is exactly what came to pass, and Mieses' position soon crumbled under the combined assault of the enemy forces.  The German Master will doubtless seek to better his performance later today in the second game of the match, when he will enjoy the advantage of the first move.

And now to the game:

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