Thursday, November 21

Capablanca in Berlin: Young wizard defeats Teichmann in 2nd match game for 2-0 victory

He came, he saw, and he conquered: José R. Capablanca yesterday defeated Richard Teichmann in the second game of their exhibition match at the Café Kerkau to record a 2-0 victory in the series, the same score he had posted against Jacques Mieses in a similar contest concluded only a few days ago.  Such was the power of Capablanca's play in Berlin that neither of the two experienced campaigners mustered to face the Cuban visitor could manage even a single draw against him.

Yesterday's game was a positional masterpiece, with Capablanca handling the Queen's Gambit to perfection.  At his 9th turn the young Master introduced what appears to be a new move, 9.Bb5, in place of the usual 9.Bd3 or the recently-popular 9.Qa4, as played with success by Duras against both Marshall and v. Balla at Breslau last year.  Teichmann's 13...Nxc5 left the German veteran with an isolated d-pawn, a circumstance of which Capablanca soon took advantage, as first one and then the second White Knight occupied the d4 square.  By the 23rd move Teichmann, faced with a most uncomfortable pin on his own Knight, chose to sacrifice a pawn in the hope of freeing his game and challenging the well-placed opposing steed.  This indeed came to pass, but Capablanca via clear and forceful play continued to improve his position, which contained such latent strength that even the presence on the board of Bishops of opposite color failed to provide Black with realistic drawing prospects.  After 31.Kf2 Teichmann sought to forestall the arrival of White's King on the d4-square by sacrificing a second pawn, a desperate expedient that nevertheless could not alter the outcome of the contest.  Black resigned after 38.Bg7, there being no adequate defense against White's plan of bringing his King to g5, followed by the advance of his King-side pawns.

The next stops for Capablanca on his European tour are said to be Warsaw and Lodz, from where we will provide information as it is received.


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