Monday, November 11

Games by Members of Parliament

We present for the consideration of our readers two games by Mr. W. Watson Rutherford, former Lord Mayor of Liverpool and present Member of Parliament for Liverpool West Derby.  Mr. Rutherford's opponents in the games subjoined are themselves prominent members of the British lower house - namely, Mr. Andrew Bonar Law, current leader of the Conservative Party, and Mr. Arthur Strauss, Member of Parliament for Paddington North.  Chess, we understand, is a popular diversion at Westminster, with Mr. Rutherford generally recognized as the strongest among a goodly fraternity of players of no mean skill.

It is of course a tribute to our game of chess that men of accomplishment in other fields find it worthy of their attention, just as the many and varied successes achieved in the larger world by some of our foremost chess players - think of the mathematician and philosopher Lasker, the doctor of medicine Tarrasch, and the Shakespearean scholar Staunton, to name but a few - speak well for the high abilities of Caissa's most illustrious votaries.  Only a truly noble pastime attracts, and produces, such admirable men.


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