Friday, November 29

Capablanca in Poland: Successes continue

Each dispatch reporting on the European travels of José R. Capablanca brings news of fresh successes by the Cuban Master. We have now learned of two simultaneous exhibitions in Warsaw on the 24th and 25th inst. followed by another in Lodz on the 26th in which the young performer made the excellent combined score of 72 victories, 9 defeats, and 10 draws.  On the day after the Lodz event Capablanca contested an exhibition game in that city against a consulting team of six strong players led by veteran Master Georg Salwe and defeated his hydra-headed opposition in fine style.  We present that game below, and take the liberty of calling it a textbook example of positional play: White slowly but surely advances his pawn majority on the King-side while simultaneously maintaining control over the c5-square and so preventing his consulting opponents from making use of their own extra pawn on the opposite flank.  It is a game that any Master would be proud to call his own, though few Masters indeed can match the polished and fluid style of Capablanca.

The consulting team consisted of Salwe, Aronson, Goldfarb, Gottesdiener, Hirszbajn, and Rosenbaum.

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