Monday, November 4

Tartakower-Spielmann match: Tartakower wins again, leads 4 1/2 - 1 1/2

Dr. Saviely Tartakower recorded yet another victory over Rudolf Spielmann in the tenth game of their match at Vienna and now stands within one half-point of overall success in the contest.  With this latest triumph Tartakower increased his lead over his rival to 4 1/2 - 1 1/2; the player who first accumulates five points will be declared the winner of the match.  The two competitors have also played four drawn games whose results are not figured in the scoring.

Spielmann opened the 10th game with the e-pawn, to which Tartakower replied with the Sicilian Defense.  A spirited struggle ensued, as White sacrificed a pawn at the 11th move and Black voluntarily ceded the exchange four moves thereafter.  Spielmann at the 27th move allowed his Knight on the a2-square to be captured, choosing to direct his fire against the opposing King rather than attempt to rescue the threatened steed.  Tartakower in consequence enjoyed the advantage of two minor pieces versus Spielmann's Rook, although the threatened position of the Black King and the presence of a passed White h-pawn offered the first player definite counter-chances.  The result of the struggle remained uncertain until Tartakower at the 37th move engineered a general exchange that left him two pawns to the good in a winning Bishop endgame, after which Spielmann soon resigned.

The score of the game, perhaps the liveliest of the match to date, is reproduced below.


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