Tuesday, November 5

Burn leads City of London Club to victory over Midland Counties' Union

On the 1st inst. there took place at Rugby a team match between members of the City of London Chess Club and representatives of the Midland Counties' Chess Union, with the Londoners prevailing by the heavy score of 20 1/2 - 5 1/2.  Amos Burn, wily veteran of many a chessboard battle and now in his 65th year, held down first board for the London side, ahead of such familiar names as George A. Thomas, R.C. Griffith, Edward Lasker, J.H. Blake, R.J. Loman, R.P. Michell, and J. Davidson, among others.  That Burn's position of honor was a deserved one is made clear by the result of his game: a win in only 15 moves vs. E.H. Collier.

We must confess that such sprightly performances by venerable Masters bring us ever more joy as we ourselves begin to feel the increasing weight of  "Anno Domini."  In our happy world of chess a man may still produce efforts of youthful vigor even as he enters the autumn of his years.

The reader will find the victory by Mr. Burn reproduced below.



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