Saturday, November 16

Capablanca in Berlin: Havana ace defeats Teichmann in exhibition game

José R. Capablanca yesterday defeated Richard Teichmann in the first game of a short exhibition match at Berlin's Café Kerkau, scoring the contest to his credit at the 36th move.  Capablanca, who has already demonstrated his prowess in performances at London and Paris during his current European tour, plans to contest a pair of two-game matches in Berlin, his opponents being Teichmann and veteran romantic Jacques Mieses.  Yesterday's encounter brought together the winners of the two strongest tournaments of 1911, the year in which Capablanca made his unforgettable international debut at San Sebastian and Teichmann recorded the greatest success of his career at Carlsbad.  The only previous meeting between the two Masters, played at the San Sebastian tourney, had resulted in a short draw.

Teichmann, having the move, opted for the Ruy Lopez. Capablanca soon obtained a comfortable game with good play for his minor pieces, possibly as a result of White's having take two moves to advance his d-pawn, 9.d3 and 15.d4.  At his 26th turn the German Master was forced to cede a pawn via 26.f4, there being no other remedy for Black's planned attack on the White h-pawn.  Capablanca shortly thereafter brought his forces to bear against the opposing King, and received his opponent's resignation after 36...Rxh2+ forced the win of White's Queen.

The moves of the game are appended below.  We understand that both games of the Capablanca-Mieses exhibition match will be played before the second and final game of the Cuban's match vs. Teichmann takes place.



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