Wednesday, November 20

Capablanca in Berlin: Cuban defeats Mieses again, takes match 2-0

José R. Capablanca recovered from an inferior position to defeat Jacques Mieses in the second and final game of their exhibition match at the Café Kerkau in Berlin, thereby deciding the contest in his favor by the score of 2-0. The veteran Mieses, holding the advantage of the move, chose the Center Game 1.e4 e5 2.d4 exd4 3.Qxd4, an opening that has served him well during his career. With 8.Qg3 Mieses sacrificed a pawn, gaining in return free play for his pieces.  A most fascinating skirmish, to which we commend the reader's attention, took place between the 12th and 18th moves, the conclusion of which saw the German Master in possession of an extra exchange, against which Capablanca still maintained his surplus pawn.  At his 22nd turn Mieses eschewed the opportunity to exchange Queens and enter a superior endgame, a decision he later had cause to regret, as White's attempts to mount a King-side attack slowly ground to a halt, while the Black advance on the opposite wing began to gather ever more force.  With 41...c3 Capablanca at last shattered the enemy defenses; Mieses' resignation came three moves later.

Capablanca, who celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday, November 19, will today face Richard Teichmann in the second game of their two-game match, with the Cuban holding a 1-0 lead by virtue of his victory in the opening game a few days ago.

We present below the second game between Mieses and Capablanca.

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