Thursday, November 14

Miscellaneous fine games; Upcoming events

We take advantage of a brief lull in the arrival of chess news to present three fine games that have lain on our desk for several months as events of greater magnitude commanded our attention. All three contests below feature attacking, tactical play, and should provide a feast for those with a passion for analysis.

First, from March of this year, a game played in a match between teams representing the Swiss cities Basel and Zurich, won by the former side by the score of 12 wins to 4, with 10 games drawn. The notes included in the game score are based on those by the winner.

Next, from July, we present the tie-break game to decide first place in the summer tournament of the Munich Chess Club, a lively and fluctuating struggle that does credit to both players.

Finally, a game from last month, played in the ongoing Championship tournament of the Hamburg Chess Club, an event mentioned in one of our earlier entries.  Black's defense may leave something to be desired, but the checkmate effected with Bishop and Knight is attractive, and worthy of notice by those relatively new to the game.


We do not expect the lull in chess news to last long, as events in many quarters are proceeding apace.  Dr. Lasker continues his European tour, as does Capablanca, who, we understand, has now arrived in Berlin.  In Italy the 2nd National Tournament, sponsored by the journal L'Italia Scacchistica and originally scheduled to begin in Bologna on the 10th inst., has been postponed until the 24th, a circumstance that has allowed us time to make arrangements to receive the games therefrom on a daily basis.  In Vienna, meanwhile, the 5th Trebitsch Memorial tournament is not far off, while word comes from St. Petersburg of an upcoming All-Russian Tournament of Masters whose winner will be granted the right to participate in the great international tourney planned for that city in the spring.  We shall, as always, do our utmost to report on all these doings, and on all else of interest in our busy chess world.       

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