Thursday, February 27

Yates in action: British Champion wins hard-fought battle on first board for Leeds club

British Champion F.D. Yates is a busy man, with national and international tournaments, regional congresses, county matches, exhibition games, and chess club engagements on his schedule. Today we present a fine fighting game won recently by Yates on first board for the Leeds Chess Club in yet another competition, a Woodhouse Cup match vs. Sheffield, the Woodhouse Cup being the annual battle for supremacy among the five Yorkshire clubs Leeds, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Bradford, and Hull. The Leeds club, winner of this event for the past three years running, is, we understand, poised to record its fourth successive Cup victory this year, owing in no small part to the strength of its top player.

In the game subjoined Mr. Dale of the Sheffield Club gives an excellent account of himself, outplaying the British Champion for much of the contest before going down to honorable defeat in a full-blooded struggle, the same fate met with by many a Master who has crossed swords with Mr. Yates.

The notes to the game are based in part on those appearing in the Sheffield Weekly News and in part on analysis by members of our club.

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