Friday, February 7

Capablanca, Bernstein play to draw in second match game

The second and final game of the Moscow exhibition match between José R. Capablanca and Dr. Ossip Bernstein finished in a draw after 30 moves of a quiet and carefully-played Queen's Gambit Declined. Capablanca, who had taken the opening contest in brilliant fashion, thus wins the short match by the score of 1 1/2 - 1/2, thereby extending his run of success during his current European tour. Dr. Bernstein for his part is to be commended for his quick recovery from the unexpected blow he received at the close of the first game - indeed, the chess-playing jurist, handling the Black pieces, held his formidable opponent at bay with relative ease, and may perhaps have enjoyed a slight superiority in the final position.

We present the game below.


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