Monday, February 10

Capablanca in Moscow: Cuban ace is held to draw by consulting duo

The consulting team of Nikolai M. Pavlov and Alexei Selesniev played to a draw vs. Cuban visitor José R. Capablanca in a game contested at Moscow on the 8th inst.  The consultants, having the move, used the Exchange Variation of the Ruy Lopez to bring about an early exchange of Queens and obtain an endgame offering them some prospects for advantage based on the general advance of their King-side pawns, a theme typical of this line. Capablanca, for his part, undertook active measures to obtain counter-play on the Queen's flank, and succeeded thereby in holding the balance despite the general weakness of his pawns in that sector of the board. The draw was agreed at the 41st move in a Rook endgame offering no further chances for either side.

We present the contest below.


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