Tuesday, February 25

Gibson wins Scottish Championship at Dundee

Mr. William Gibson of Glasgow has won the Scottish Championship for the third time, topping a six-man field at the 31st annual Congress of the Scottish Chess Association, held at Dundee earlier this year. Mr. Gibson, who previously captured the title in 1907 and 1912, scored 3 1/2 points from five games to edge out Messrs. D. Spankie and P. Wenman, each with 3. Mr. C.B. Heath made an even score of 2 1/2 points to claim fourth place, while Messrs. J. Black and C. Wardhaugh shared 5th and 6th places, each on 1 1/2 points. The tournament, though small, was a fighting one, with just 2 of the 15 games played being drawn, and with every competitor recording at least one victory and suffering at least one defeat. Indeed, the two games presented below - unfortunately all that we have received from the event - represent the only loss sustained by the Champion, Mr. Gibson, and the sole triumph scored by Mr. Wardhaugh, one of the bottom markers.

Next year's Congress, we understand, is to be held at Glasgow.

Herewith the games.  In the following encounter Mr. Wenham takes the measure of Mr. Gibson, whose 16...Ne8 leads to dire consequences.

Mr. Wardhaugh essays the Danish Gambit and at first achieves little thereby, but then rallies to defeat Mr. Heath, offering his Queen along the way.

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