Monday, February 24

Teichmann-Spielmann match, Game 3: Teichmann tops Spielmann in sparkling miniature, leads 2-1

Richard Teichmann won the third game of his match at Leipzig vs. Rudolf Spielmann in sparkling style, sacrificing first a Knight and then a Bishop en route to a quick and decisive 19-move victory. Teichmann now leads the six-game series by the score of 2-1. The player holding the White pieces has won each of the first three encounters, a trend Spielmann will hope to maintain in the fourth game, when he will again have the move.

Today's clash saw Teichmann at his best, and is certain to make the rounds of the world's chess press. White opened with the King's pawn, to which Spielmann replied with the Sicilian Defense. The contest followed the course of a game between Mason and Maroczy from the London tournament of 1899 until Black's 9th turn, when Spielmann chose 9...Bb4 over Maroczy's 9...Be7. Teichmann pursued his attack with vigor, bringing his forces rapidly into play and striking hard after Spielmann erred with 14...Qb6?, cited by experts as the losing move, in place of which Black ought better have selected 14...Qc7. The pawn sacrifice 15.b4! cxb4 served as a mere prelude to the Knight offer 16.Nxd5!, shattering Black's position. After the further 16...exd5 17.e6 Spielmann, in dire straits, lashed out with 17...f5, but this desperate thrust proved unavailing, as 18.exd7+ Kxd7 19.Bxf5+! forced Black's resignation, a justifiable decision in view of impending heavy material loss.

The annotated game score is herewith appended.


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