Monday, February 3

Capablanca in Moscow: Cuban Master defeats consulting team of Pavlov and Blumenfeld

We are happy to be able to report once again on the chess activities of José R. Capablanca, who in Moscow on the 1st inst. took on and defeated the consulting team of N.D. Pavlov and Benjamin Blumenfeld, the latter known to us by reputation as a Russian Master of considerable strength. The visitor scored the game to his credit in 32 moves after his consulting opponents went astray in a Queen and Bishop endgame. We present the contest below for the consideration of our readers.

We understand that while in Moscow the young Master will face Dr. Ossip Bernstein in a two-game exhibition match.  Bernstein, joint winner along with Rubinstein at the giant Ostend, 1907 Masters' tourney, can certainly be expected to test the mettle of his Cuban opponent. Our sources in Europe also relate that Capablanca plans further travels before the commencement of the St. Petersburg tournament in April, with stops at Kiev and Vienna and a possible return trip to Paris on his itinerary. As always, readers are invited to look to this column for timely and faithful reporting of all items of note concerning the Havana ace.

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