Tuesday, February 18

Teichmann visits Hamburg club; German Master to meet Spielmann in Leipzig match

From Germany we learn that Richard Teichmann fulfilled an engagement at the Hamburg Chess Club during the first week of February. The German Master faced some of the strongest members of that club in single and consultation games, acquitting himself most honorably, and in particular providing several fine examples of endgame skill. We reproduce two contests from the engagement below. In the first Teichmann defeats the consulting pair of Herren Buschka and Studt by exploiting a small error in the calculations of his opponents; in the latter the visitor employs a temporary piece sacrifice to bring about a winning endgame vs. Herr Schönmann.

We have also been apprised that Teichmann is set to meet Rudolf Spielmann in a six-game match at Leipzig, a contest scheduled to begin tomorrow, and on which we hope to report in full.

Herewith two of the games played by Teichmann in Hamburg. 

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