Friday, February 14

American Consul Donegan leads Magdeburg to victory over Dessau

We have once before in this space written of Alfred W. Donegan, United States Consul posted to Magdeburg, Germany and most proficient exponent of our noble game. Consul Donegan continues his successful chess exploits overseas, having led a team from Magdeburg to a narrow victory over Dessau in a match played on the 8th inst. The chess-playing diplomat employed the Sicilian Defense to defeat Herr Hering of Dessau on first board in the contest, won by the Magdeburg side by the score of 4 victories to 3, with 2 games drawn.

We present below the win by Consul Donegan, in which Black takes advantage of White's rather indifferent opening play to obtain a large advantage on the Queen's flank and afterward easily brushes aside his opponent's belated attempts to mount an attack on the other wing.


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