Monday, February 17

John Watkinson: Youthful vigor in old age

We have long felt that chess play, among its many other benefits, can serve to keep one's mental faculties in fine working order even in the face of advancing years. As evidence of this contention we present a game won not long ago by John Watkinson, known to many of our readers as the founder and former editor of the British Chess Magazine. Mr. Watkinson, born before La Bourdonnais and McDonnell met in their famous series, can still be found in action in Yorkshire at the Huddersfield Chess Club, the organization he established in 1852 and as whose president he has served for much of the past sixty years, most recently in 1912-13. In the following encounter, played at the Huddersfield Club, the venerable gentleman parries Black's threatening attack with the cool 23.Kh1! and goes on to score the game to his credit a few moves thereafter. May we all play so well in our ninth decade.


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