Sunday, February 23

Yorkshire defeats Cheshire in county match

The recent dispatch received from England included news of a county match between sides representing Yorkshire and Cheshire, held at Sheffield on the 17th ult. and being one of the opening contests in the battle for this year's Northern Union Championship. The Yorkshire men turned out in full force, with three players of Master strength at the head of their 26-player squad, as H.E. Atkins, many times British Champion, held down first board, followed by current British Champion F.D. Yates on second board and Mr. George Shories, veteran of several continental tourneys, on fourth. At the time of posting the dispatch the Yorkshire representatives had assured themselves of victory, having built the considerable lead of 17-4, with 5 games yet to be adjudicated, a result perhaps not unexpected given the overall strength of their side. (Let it be noted to his credit, however, that Cheshire's second board H.B. Lund did record a victory over Yates, one of only two losses suffered by Yorkshire in the 21 games decided to date.)

We present one of the games from the match, in which Mr. Shories, as second player in a Queen's Gambit Declined, defeats the Cheshire fourth board Mr. F.J. Macdonald, whose efforts to establish an early spatial advantage on the Queen-side are undone by his opponent's resolute play in the center of the board.


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