Thursday, February 20

More news from Hamburg: Dr. Lasker to visit next week; Paul Krüger wins club Championship;

The Hamburg Chess Club remains a busy hive of activity. In our previous entry we reported the recent visit of Richard Teichmann to that society; today we have learned that the World Champion himself, Dr. Lasker, is scheduled pay a call at the club next week, at which time he will give an exhibition of simultaneous play, the first such performance by the Doctor of which we are aware since his engagement at Stuttgart two months ago. Look to this space for coverage of the event.

Our readers had previously been offered two games from the latest Championship tournament of the Hamburg club, victories by Herren Schönmann and Studt. We can now report that those gentlemen finished the 12-man round-robin tourney in joint 2nd-3rd place, each on 8 points, one point behind the winner and new club Champion Herr Paul Krüger, who made the excellent score of 9-2 without the loss of a game. Our Hamburg correspondent notes with justifiable satisfaction that all competitors - even those at the bottom of the score table - completed their playing schedule, so that there were no withdrawals and all 66 games of the tournament were in fact decided over the board. We would encourage certain members of our American clubs to emulate this honorable example. In such circumstances we feel it only fitting to give recognition to every member of the field by presenting the final standings in full: Krüger 9; Schönmann, Studt 8; Bier, Schütte 7; Schwartz 5 1/2; Dimer, Kluxen, Ladendorf 4; Heinsohn 3 1/2; van Groningen, Hallgarten 3.   We present below three games from the tournament.

Here club Champion Krüger punishes the rather exotic opening play of Herr van Groningen, concluding matters with a pretty Queen-side attack:

Herr Schönmann is likewise most formidable when on the attack, as he demonstrates vs. Herr Kluxen:

In our final offering of the day Herren Schönmann and Krüger play to a hard-fought draw. Notes based on those by Herr Schönmann.

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