Thursday, February 13

British Champion F.D. Yates in Birmingham

We have received via today's post a packet containing a number of games played recently in England, the best of which we plan to share with our readers over the coming weeks. One contest that immediately caught our eye was the subjoined lively clash between British Champion F.D. Yates and Mr. Hubert E. Price, played during an engagement by the former at the Birmingham Chess Club in January. While in Birmingham Yates twice defeated Mr. Price in single combat, and in addition scored to his credit an encounter vs. Mr. Price and Mr. A.J. Mackenzie playing in consultation. The British Champion also gave an exhibition of simultaneous chess during his stay.

The game below features an attractive attack by Yates against the French Defense of Mr. Price, and is particularly noteworthy for two offers of the Queen, one by White in the course of his attack, and the other by Black as a clever attempt at defense. In neither case could the Queen profitably be taken, as the notes make clear.


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