Friday, April 12

Ed. Lasker-Davidson match, Game 2: Lasker wins again, offering Rook sacrifice

Edward Lasker defeated Jacques Davidson in the second game of their four-game match at London's Metropolitan Chess Club to take a 2-0 lead in the contest.  Lasker, playing Black in a Queen's Pawn Game, took advantage of an early inaccuracy by Davidson to obtain a strong position out of the opening, and the German Master already stood a pawn to the good when, at the 22nd move, he startled the spectators with the offer of a Rook.  Mr. Davidson wisely declined the sacrifice, but in consequence found himself two pawns in arrears, a deficit that had increased to four by the time the Dutchman struck his colors after his opponent's 39th move.  Herr Lasker now requires but a single draw over the next two games to win the match, while Mr. Davidson faces the daunting task of winning both in order to make an even score.  The third game is scheduled for tomorrow, the 13th.

Herr Lasker has kindly provided few notes to the game, which the reader will find incorporated into the score.

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