Sunday, April 14

Ed. Lasker-Davidson match, Game 3: Lasker, with 3rd successive victory, claims match 3-0; final game will be played

Edward Lasker, playing powerful chess with the White pieces, recorded his third successive victory over Jacques Davidson in Game 3 of their match at the Metropolitan Chess Club of London.  Herr Lasker, with a 3-0 lead, has thus assured himself of overall success in the contest, whose fourth and final game will nevertheless be held as scheduled.

In contrast to the first match game, in which he opened with the King's pawn, Lasker on this occasion chose the Queen's pawn, and the game soon took on the familiar contours of the Queen's Gambit.  The winner, who has kindly supplied notes to the contest, feels that his opponent slightly mistimed some of the standard maneuvers often used by Black in this variation, evidence of the high level of scrutiny to which the openings are subjected in our present scientific age.  Black's missteps left White in possession of an extra, passed c-pawn, and it was indeed the advance of this pawn, aided by some well-calculated tactics, that ultimately brought about the final decision.  We present the game, with commentary by the winner:


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