Tuesday, April 16

Ed. Lasker-Davidson match, Game 4: Lasker wins final game, takes match with clean score, 4-0

Edward Lasker, playing Black in a Giuoco Piano, defeated Jacques Davidson in the final game of their match at the Metropolitan Club to decide the contest in his favor by the score of 4-0.  The game, which lasted 60 moves, proved to be a hard-fought struggle, with Mr. Davidson, in possession of an extra pawn but laboring under a disadvantage in position, offering by far the stoutest resistance he had shown throughout the match.  Still, Herr Lasker, by dint of steady pressure, made gradual inroads into his opponent's position in an endgame of Rook and Knight against Davidson's Rook and Bishop, the activity of the last-named piece being greatly restricted owing to the placement of the pawns.  Black at his 54th turn regained the pawn sacrificed 40 moves earlier, all the while maintaining his large advantage in position, and White's resignation followed shortly thereafter.

This match represents a notable success for Herr Lasker, and may well help him secure an invitation to one of the international tourneys scheduled for later in the year.  The one-sided result is undoubtedly a disappointment to Davidson, but the Dutchman, one of the bright young talents in the metropolis, surely has better days ahead, and for the present might reflect that in a match even a slight loss of form can lead to disaster.  We recall Blackburne losing to Steinitz 7-0 some years ago, a score hardly indicative of their respective strength.

We present the game, with comments by the winner, whom we congratulate heartily on his victory:      

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