Saturday, April 27

Warsaw triangular tournament, Round 1: Flamberg defeats Lowtzky

Alexander Flamberg, playing Black in a Queen's Gambit Declined, employed the 3...c5 defense favored by Dr. Tarrasch to defeat Moishe Lowtzky in the first round of the Warsaw triangular Masters' tournament.  The game seemed quite level and likely headed for a draw when Flamberg at his 21st turn sacrificed a pawn, obtaining in return vigorous activity for his pieces.  Lowtzky, under pressure, erred 10 moves later, choosing an ill-advised pawn capture that soon cost him the exchange.  Nevertheless, a win for Black was far from a certainty, and the game later resolved itself into a position of Rook and Bishop against Bishop and Knight, with each side in possession of but a single pawn.  Flamberg, using his Rook to good advantage, confined the White King first to the h-file and later to the back rank, but victory appeared still rather far off when White, after his 65th move, chose to resign in a position still admitting of much resistance, thereby leaving us to wonder whether the game score or perhaps our own powers of analysis might be incomplete.  We present the game as received for the inspection of our readers.



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