Friday, April 5

Vienna Jubilee tournament, Rounds 12 and 13: Spielmann, with 2 victories, takes one-point lead entering final round

Rudolf Spielmann used the Vienna Gambit to defeat Joachim Schenkein in the twelfth round of the Vienna Jubilee chess tournament, scoring the day's only victory and so increasing his lead in the tourney to a full point over Dr. S. Tartakower, who was held to a draw by Dr. A. Kaufmann.  The games Löwy-Dr. Perlis and Schlechter-Reti were likewise drawn, the latter after a most interesting Rook endgame.  We have received from Vienna the score of the Spielmann-Schenkein clash, as well as the concluding moves of the Schlechter-Reti encounter, and the reader will find them appended at the conclusion of this column.

Scores after 12 rounds: Spielmann 9 1/2; Tartakower 8 1/2; Reti 8; Schlechter 7 1/2; Perlis 5 1/2;  Löwy 5; Schenkein* Kaufmann* 1 1/2.   *With one game yet unplayed.

From the 13th round we have received no game scores, only the results, as follows:  Kaufmann 0-1 Spielmann; Tartakower  1-0 Löwy; Reti 1-0 Schenkein; and Perlis 1/2-1/2 Schlechter.  

These yield the following standings entering the 14th and final round:  Spielmann 10 1/2; Tartakower 9 1/2; Reti 9; Schlechter 8; Perlis 6; Löwy 5; Schenkein 2*; Kaufmann 1 1/2*.     *With one game still unplayed.

Spielmann has thus assured himself of at least a share of first place.  To our knowledge the postponed ninth-round encounter between Schenkein and Kaufmann has yet to be played, a matter of rather less consequence in this instance than might otherwise be the case, as its result can only affect the tournament standing of the two players involved, the others all being well out of reach.

The final round's pairings will be Spielmann-Reti; Schenkein-Perlis, Schlechter-Dr. Tartakower; and Löwy-Kaufmann, fate having ordained that those in the top and bottom halves of the score table should only meet their fellows.

Herewith the scores we have received from the 12th round:


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