Tuesday, April 30

Warsaw triangular tournament, Round 4: Flamberg defeats Lowtzky with irresistible attack

Alexander Flamberg, playing White, defeated Moishe Lowtzky in the fourth round of the Warsaw triangular Masters' tournament, rebuffing his opponent's early attempt to seize the initiative and later deciding the game with an unanswerable attack of his own.  With this victory Flamberg reclaims the lead in the tourney, half a point ahead of Oldrich Duras of Prague, though the Czech Master retains a game in hand.

Lowtzky, who had apparently decided to conduct the struggle in fortissimo style, met Flamberg's first move of the King's pawn with 1...d5, the Center Counter Defense, opting for one of the sharpest variations of that debut, 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qa5 4.d4 e5.  Black's 7...Nd4 revealed his aggressive intentions, but ultimately proved premature, as the second player's entire plan of attack cost him precious time - five displacements of the Queen, along with two each of Bishop and Knight, all within the first eleven moves - and left his development in arrears.  Flamberg skilfully prevented the Black King from castling, and by the 20th move White's advantage was obvious, and his attack ready to begin.  In the subsequent play Flamberg allowed his opponent no opportunity to escape from the toils, concluding matters with the win of a piece.

The score now stands as follows: Flamberg 2, Duras 1 1/2, Lowtzky 1/2, with Flamberg and Lowtzky each having one game left to play, and Duras two.

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