Monday, April 22

St. Petersburg quadrangular tournament, Round 1

Oldrich Duras recently completed a week's engagement at the St. Petersburg Chess Club, during which time, in addition to the usual exhibitions and lectures, the presence of one of the world's foremost players led the club to arrange a quadrangular tournament in which the visiting Czech Master crossed swords with the local players Alekhine, Levenfish, and Znosko-Borovsky.  Our understanding is that Alekhine and Levenfish shared first place in the event, the games of whose first round have come to hand, with others expected shortly.

Here Alekhine records a powerful victory over the visitor, who had conducted a difficult simultaneous exhibition on the previous day.  Notes to this and the following game by Alekhine.

In the round's other game, Levenfish and Znosko-Borovsky played to a short draw:

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