Wednesday, April 3

Vienna Jubilee tournament, Round 11: Spielmann, Tartakower play quiet draw; Reti, Schlechter win miniatures

Tourney leaders Rudolf Spielmann and Saviely Tartakower drew their eleventh-round encounter at the Vienna Jubilee chess tournament, the two Masters opting to avoid risk through a policy of exchanges followed by an accord of peace.  Spielmann, who handled the Black pieces in a Vienna Game, thus maintained his leading position in the tourney, one half-point ahead of Tartakower, who, enjoying the advantage of the first move, might have been expected to strive more forcefully to overtake his rival.  In other games, Perlis defeated Kaufmann, while Reti and Schlechter won their respective games with remarkable celerity, the former defeating Löwy in 16 moves and the latter requiring only 10 to dispatch Schenkein.  It need hardly be added that these lightning victories were only made possible by serious oversights on the part of the vanquished, as the reader may confirm by examining the game scores.  We regret that we have received by cable from Vienna only the opening moves of the Tartakower-Reti contest, along with the comment that the drawn result came about after a general clearing of the board; those moves in our possession we have given below.

Scores after 11 rounds:  Spielmann 8 1/2; Tartakower 8; Reti 7 1/2; Schlechter 7; Perlis 5; Löwy 4 1/2; Schenkein 1 1/2*; Kaufmann 1*     *With one game unplayed.

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