Saturday, April 13

Janowski vs. Chajes: Janowski wins 2 1/2 - 1/2

As reported in an earlier entry, French representative David Janowski, shortly before sailing for Europe, contested a three-game series at the Progressive Chess Club against club Champion Oscar Chajes, which the Frenchman decided in his favor by the score of 2 1/2 - 1/2.  We understand that the Progressive Club had originally subscribed the purse with the intention of sponsoring a similar series between Chajes and Marshall, but the latter, only recently returned to New York from his lengthy tour following the Havana tourney, declined to play, finding himself not in the proper frame of mind for serious chess.  Janowski proved a most able replacement, and the two Masters produced much exciting chess, notwithstanding an accelerated schedule that saw one game played on the 8th inst., and two on the 9th, in order to complete the series before the departure of Janowski.  As evidence of the fighting spirit displayed by the combatants, we would point out the frequency of the sharp move with the King's Knight's pawn in the middlegame (P-KKt4, in descriptive notation), as essayed by Janowski in the first contest, by Chajes in the second, and by both players in the third.  We present the games below.


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