Sunday, April 21

Match games from the Netherlands

Dr. A.G. Olland of Utrecht, former Champion of the Netherlands, has seen a busy month of chess activity, finishing first ex aequo in the Utrecht championship alongside A.E. van Foreest, with whom he contested a playoff match, and disputing another short contest against Dr. J.F.S. Esser.  That these chessboard duels ended in favor of Dr. Olland's opponents is certainly no discredit to him, as van Foreest is himself a former national Champion and Dr. Esser a veteran of short matches against such giants as Marshall and Janowski.

We first present two games from the Utrecht championship playoff match between Olland and van Foreest, won by the latter with the score of two wins to one, with one game drawn.  Here Dr. Olland opens the match with a victory, gradually turning Black's flank on the King-side in a French Defense.


Next, van Foreest answers in kind, likewise scoring a victory as first player in a French Defense in what we believe was the deciding game of the contest:

In our final offering of the day, yet another French Defense, Dr. Esser, playing Black, registers an attractive victory over his compatriot en route to capturing their short series by the clean score of three victories to none.   Black's sacrifice of the exchange deserves attention, and the pawn endgame, in which the second player's separated passed pawns defeat the central mass of his adversary, will well reward careful study.

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