Tuesday, April 2

Vienna Jubilee tournament, Round 10: Tartakower, Reti, Löwy are winners; Spielmann draws with Schlechter

Dr. Saviely Tartakower defeated Dr. Julius Perlis in artistic style in the tenth round of the Vienna Jubilee tournament, sacrificing a Bishop at the 14th move to inaugurate a powerful attack against his opponent's King.  With this victory Tartakower again moves to within one half-point of tourney leader Rudolf Spielmann, who drew his game with Carl Schlechter.  In the day's other contests, Richard Reti defeated Dr. Arthur Kaufmann, while Leopold Löwy, Jr. registered a victory at the expense of Joachim Schenkein.  All eyes now turn to the next, eleventh, round, when the two leaders will again meet, with Spielmann looking to repeat, and Tartakower to reverse, the result of their earlier fourth-round clash, which ended in favor of the former, placing him alone atop the score table, a position he has yet to relinquish.

Scores after 10 rounds:  Spielmann 8; Tartakower 7 1/2; Reti 6 1/2; Schlechter 6; Löwy 4 1/2; Perlis 4; Schenkein 1 1/2*; Kaufmann 1*.   *With one game still unplayed.

As has been our custom throughout this event, we present all that we have received from Vienna, in this case the score of the Tartakower-Perlis encounter.



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