Friday, April 26

Warsaw triangular tournament announced: Duras, Flamberg, Lowtzky to compete

We have learned that the Warsaw Chess Club, taking advantage of the opportunity afforded by the visit of Oldrich Duras to that city, will host a three-man tournament in which the visiting Czech Master will compete alongside Alexander Flamberg, native of Warsaw, and Moishe Lowtzky of Kiev, of late resident in the Polish metropolis.  Each competitor will play two games against each of the others; the nature of the event of course requires that only one game will be played per day, with one player having the bye in each round.

Flamberg and Lowtzky (whose surname we have also seen rendered as Lowcki) are perhaps less well-known to our readers than some of their contemporaries, but both are players of notable strength.  The former, born in 1880, has been Champion of Warsaw and has acquitted himself quite well in the All-Russian Championships, taking second place behind Levitsky in 1911; the latter (b. 1881) participated in last year's events at Breslau and Pistyan, collecting victories over such players as Spielmann, Rubinstein, and Duras.  Both Flamberg and Lowtzky also took part in the King's Gambit tourney in Abbazia, 1912, scoring, respectively, 10 1/2 and 11 points from 21 games played.  We have appended a pair of games by each player to serve as examples of their skill.  Then, in justice to Duras, who is certainly in less need of an introduction to our readers, we have added a sampling of his recent victories as well.

Games from the Warsaw triangular tourney will appear in this space as they come to hand.

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