Wednesday, May 22

2nd Baden Chess Congress

The 2nd Baden Chess Congress, which concluded a few days ago in Heidelberg, proved a worthy successor to the inaugural gathering held at Karlsruhe in 1911.  The principal event of this year's fest, a round-robin Championship tourney with six participants, was won by Herr Andreas Duhm of Neckgargem├╝nd with 4 points, followed closely by Herr S. Rosenthal of Heidelberg with 3 1/2.  Herren Ottensooser (Mannheim), Hans Duhm (Konstanz - brother of the winner), and Palitzsch (Munich) shared 3rd-5th places, each with 2 1/2 points, while Herr Heinz of Pforzheim brought up the rear with 0.  Herr Andreas Duhm thus becomes the Champion of the Baden Chess Association, and it is hoped that he will be afforded the opportunity to try his skill against the stalwarts of our game in next year's international tournament scheduled to be held at Mannheim.  We have appended two games by the winner, along with a curiosity from the concurrent Hauptturnier.  To the games:

To begin, the battle between the first and second prize winners:

And here the new Champion makes quick work of Herr Palitzsch, for whom White's 16th move must have  come as an unpleasant surprise.

We conclude on a lighter note, which perhaps warrants a word of explanation.  We hold in the highest regard all well-meaning devotees of our royal game, and would never expose any to mockery or ridicule.  In publishing the game subjoined we express our firm belief that the loser, Herr Heilmann, is an accomplished player who merely found himself off-form on the day in question, an unfortunate occurrence with which we ourselves have far too often been familiar.  We share the game for the simple reason that we have never before encountered a position in a King's Gambit such as that which obtains after White's 20th move, and, with luck, neither we, our readers, nor the good Herr Heilmann will ever find ourselves in a like predicament again.



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