Wednesday, May 29

Correspondence chess: Surprise moves

We continue to dip into the large stock of excellent correspondence games that have come to our attention, and today feature two contests in which surprise moves play a deciding role.  In the first, Mr. Mordecai Morgan, a strong Philadelphia player, takes the measure of D.R. Wyeth in a just-completed game from the Pennsylvania State Chess Association correspondence tournament.  Mr. Morgan overcomes his opponent with a slew of unexpected moves, including a sacrifice of the Queen and two offers of a Rook, all in the interest of furthering the victorious advance of his pawns.  The game, with notes based on those by the winner, is not to be missed:


Our second feature game of the day was played between teams from the Copenhagen Chess Club and the St. Petersburg Chess Circle, the former comprised of the Danish Masters Krause and Möller and the latter of the adepts A. Kubbel and H. Hansen.  White wins a King's Gambit in sprightly style, notwithstanding the early exchange of Queens.  His unexpected 24th move, which decides the contest, was likely spotted in advance, and required precise calculation.


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