Friday, May 31

Manhattan vs. Franklin match: Score tied with one game pending

The annual match between the Manhattan Chess Club and the Franklin Chess Club of Philadelphia took place on Decoration Day, the latter club serving as host for this year's event.  The match, contested over 16 boards, proved exceptionally hard-fought, and at the time agreed in advance for the cessation of play - a necessary circumstance in order to allow the Manhattan men to return by train to New York - the score stood at 7 1/2 - 7 1/2, with one game unfinished and awaiting adjudication.  This task falls to the match referee, our colleague Hermann Helms, who we are certain will perform it with the consummate skill and impartiality for which he is so deservedly admired.

We present below two games from the match, the first a victory by United States Champion Frank Marshall, representing the Manhattan Club, over Philadelphia's Walter Penn Shipley, as true a friend of our wonderful game as the City of Brotherly Love has ever known.  The second game offered below is the unfinished contest from Board 16 between Mr. Philip Driver of the Franklin Club and Mr. Herbert Rosenbaum of the Manhattan side.  Many of our readers, we are sure, will wish to examine the final position for themselves so as to form their own judgment of its evaluation.

We expect to have to hand in the very near future more games from this match, along with the eagerly-awaited decision of Mr. Helms.


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