Friday, May 24

Dr. Tarrasch on tour: Sweden

Dr. Tarrasch's current tour, mentioned in an earlier entry, has now taken him to Sweden, where he will fulfill a number of chess engagements over the coming weeks.  On the 21st inst. in Skifarp the Doctor contested a free game on even terms against the strong Swedish player Victor Sjöberg, scoring it to his credit in 28 moves.  This result must have provided a special satisfaction to the touring Master, as he had lost a brilliant game against same opponent during a similar Swedish tour almost exactly two years ago.  We present both games below.

Here, in an encounter from 23 May 1911, Sjöberg successfully sacrifices his Queen against his formidable foe.  It will be recalled that the Swedish player had originally agreed not to publish the game, deciding later to do so only after Dr. Tarrasch had attributed his loss not to the skill of his adversary, but rather to fatigue from his travels.


And here Dr. Tarrasch gains a measure of revenge, achieving victory as White against one of his own favorite lines, the Open Defense to the Ruy Lopez.  Notes by the winner.

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